Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What's Your Good Impression?

WE COUNT ON DOORS TO MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. This can be accomplished in three ways: Repair and paint or stain; attach new hardware; or replace them. Paint or stain is inexpensive and quick. New hardware offers an old door a new lease on life. Doors that are damaged, warped, or just out of style should be replaced.

If you want a professional-looking job, follow the advice of professional painters and finishers:
  • Prep work is the most important part of painting or staining. Prep may take 80 to 90 percent of the total time for a project.
  • Always prime whatever surface you're about to paint. Primer seals any stains in the surface below it and improves adhesion of the finish coat.
  • The door will never look any better than what's underneath. Scratches, gouges, and discoloration will show right through the most expensive products. Sand, seal, and fill before you apply the finish.
  • Apply paint or stain generously. Use enough to get complete, uniform coverage.
  • Start with the edges. You can roll extra paint up onto the wider surface and work it into that paint.
  • Mask surfaces you don't want to paint or stain and work in well-ventilated spaces. Wear a respirator and rubber gloves as required by manufacturer of the product you're using
  • Keep your work area clean and free of dust.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Great Misconception: Construction Contracting's Cost Structure By Matt Stevens PhD

Every type of business can be classified into one of two informal cost categories: Fixed or Variable. Each of these have dramatically different characteristics. Consequently, those who want to successfully manage either type of business have to act in certain ways. Construction contracting is a variable cost business. This characteristic is very important to understand in situations such as planning for growth, project selection or negotiating with a client. Not to realize this may lead to some poor operational and financial decisions. Our observation has been this is a critical strategic and business understanding one must have about construction contracting.