Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Great Misconception: Construction Contracting's Cost Structure By Matt Stevens PhD

Every type of business can be classified into one of two informal cost categories: Fixed or Variable. Each of these have dramatically different characteristics. Consequently, those who want to successfully manage either type of business have to act in certain ways. Construction contracting is a variable cost business. This characteristic is very important to understand in situations such as planning for growth, project selection or negotiating with a client. Not to realize this may lead to some poor operational and financial decisions. Our observation has been this is a critical strategic and business understanding one must have about construction contracting.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ways to Avoid Costly Repairs

FROM CLOGGED GUTTERS TO BROKEN SHINGLES AND MOLD, HOME REPAIRS CAN EASILY ADD UP — especially with all the precipitation and cold weather this time of year.

The costs of home ownership stretch far beyond mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance.

Inspect Your Foundation
Routinely Unclog Your Gutters
Look For Exterior Leaks
Inspect Your Roof
Change Heating or Furnace Filters
Replace Hoses in Laundry Room
Remove Build-Up in Your Water Heater 

Before attempting to do any repairs, learn how to do them properly or better yet, hire a professional, like us. The cost of having a repair done right is cheaper than repairing a "bad" fix. Visit us at www.cne-gc.net