Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Considerations of Sustainability...

... in Site Work, Excavations, and Foundations

Site Selection 
  • Buying and renovating an existing building rather than building a new one saves a great deal of building material. If the existing building has been scheduled for demolition, it also avoids dumping an enormous quantity of material into a landfill.
  • Building on a  damaged site, and designing the building so that it helps to restore it, benefits the environment rather than degrading it.
  • Building on agricultural land takes that land out of production forever.
  • Building in forests and on wetlands and prairies destroys wildlife habitat.
  • A building that is well connected to existing networks of public transportation , and to pedestrian and bicycle paths, pays environmental dividends every day for the life of the building by saving fuel, reducing air pollution from automobiles, and minimizing commute times.